About the artist

8x8 Studio is the creative home of Michael Woodward, a visual artist & designer based in San Diego, CA. Michael has had a creative streak since he was a child, participating in activities such as sketching and writing. He was professionally trained as a graphic designer and began a career in that sector, but a sense of unfulfillment drove him to put his artistic ambitions on hold for the time being. It wasn't until 2018 that he rekindled his love of art, embarking on an exploration of abstraction and acrylics. His artistic research led him to the domain of mixed media, a medium that allowed him to explore the infinite possibilities of textures, colors, and compositions, bringing his artistic fantasies to reality.

Michael began incorporating salvaged and upcycled items into his work as his mixed-media expertise grew, adding dimension to his art. He has recently dabbled in fabric sculpting. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he took advantage of the opportunity to hone his talents and try out new approaches. During this era of experimentation, he incorporated realistic sketches of people and collage components into his mixed media pieces, giving him a way to express feelings and thoughts that went beyond the constraints of painted abstract forms.

The main driving force behind Michael's art is a desire to spread optimism and happiness. He derives a lot of satisfaction from creating pieces that effectively merge abstract and figurative components, all while retaining his personal perspective, style, and use of color. His artistic activities allow him to express his own experiences and points of view to a larger audience.

Michael's ultimate purpose as an artist is to share his great passion and love for art with others. His creations are meant to make people smile and motivate them to find beauty in their surroundings while going about their day-to-day lives.

As Michael likes to say, "Make Art, Have Fun!"

Michael is a studio artist at Escondido Arts Partnership https://escondidoarts.org/

Contact Michael @ hello@8x8studio.com